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Tech Blog – Jim Iovino March 10, 2011

Posted by acusumano in : Assignments , trackback

Today in class, we got to hear from NBC Washington’s Jim Iovino, who discussed the changing face of journalism and gave tips on how writers can best appeal to audiences.

As a film student, one thing that I found especially interesting (especially in light of Jon Denunzio’s visit last week in which he actually said quite the opposite) was Iovino’s comment that an ability to shoot and edit video is practically a must-have for anyone interested in entering news these days. (In fairness to Denunzio, he didn’t disregard video entirely; he just said that it was totally irrelevant in his area, which I felt was a bit shortsighted, although he was a great guest overall.)

Some of the tips Iovino had for journalists:

Perhaps the highlight of the afternoon was Iovino showing colleague Pat Collins‘ recent exposure on the “moment of zen” segment on “The Daily Show.” Collins is quite the character; another segment centered around his baffled interview with a woman who traveled three miles each way in the snow to secure a sandwich from the Giant deli. (In her defense, their deli is pretty good…but not six miles in heavy snow good.)

PS: Plastics. Um, I mean, video.


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